• Consulting


    • Workshops, masterclasses or clinics
    • Guest conducting
    • Lessons: composition, production, conducting, percussion, publc-speaking, communications


    • Mentoring and career-coaching support
    • References and recommendations


    • Adjudication for music events of student level through world-class professional level
    • Judging philosophy and design
    • Feedback on submitted recordings and other materials
    • Editing & proofreading of text, notation or production content
  • Producing

    In the Booth

    • Lead or assist with session producing in the booth for classical, jazz or rock/pop projects
    • Slate management, roadmapping, and project consulation
    • Post-production support during mix and mastering phases

    With the Design

    • Lead or assist in creating, evaluating or revising concert or stage productions and marching band shows
    • Full-scale consultation on lighting, repertoire, and multimedia elements
    • Professional script writing

    On the Stage

    • Lead or assist in music direction and/or conducting
    • Lead or support stage direction during the event to include cue calling from musical scores
    • Handler for artists and agents


  • Creating

    Commissioned Compositions

    • Symphonic: full-scale symphonies to short fanfares
    • Educational: for student ensembles, festivals or music conferences
    • Art Music: chamber music, vocal solos and ensembles, special requests
    • Digital: for film, web, radio or other digitally consumed content

    Mockups and/or Engraving and Transcriptions

    • Renderings using industry-best tools with Spitfire's full BBC Symphony digital library and other well-known libraries
    • DAW file creation using either Logic or Presonus Studio One
    • Music engraving using latest Silbelius notation software and industry-standard engraving rules


    • Essay, article or journal content for publication
    • Professional script writing for events, concerts or multimedia productions


    • Digital audio editing and mixing
    • Text and music notation
    • Production scripts, runsheets and tech specs
  • Estimated Pricing

    (Subject to change & negotiation. Contact for the latest.)

    Commissioned Compositions

    • ~$2K per minute for large ensembles (13+ staves)
    • ~$1K per minute for medium ensembles (8 - 12 staves)
    • $500 per minute minimum for small, chamber or solo works (1 - 7 staves)
    • 50% deposit
    • Includes basic mockup, score & parts to include digital PDFs
    • Includes having the work published through BIRCHWOOD MUSIC SERVICES and CANE RIVER MUSIC

    Mockups, Engraving and Transcriptions

    • Basic Mockup and Engraving with Sibelius for Notation & ProSonus One with Industry-best Samples
      • $10 for each instrument (or track) for every 1-minute of music
      • Billed in 1-minute increments
      • 50% deposit
      • Includes the requested output files along with two modest edits upon feedback from client
    • Add-on Advanced Rendering
      • $100 for each minute of music to include ALL staves and tracks
      • Advanced formating for publisher-quality engravings
      • Realistically nuanced dyanmic envelopes per track
      • Special processing as needed with effects
      • General mastering with high-quality reverbs
    • Add-on Transcription Fees if transcribing from audio with no MIDI and/or no notation
      • Add +$10 for each instrument (or track) transcribed or engraved for every 1-minute of music that has a notation file provided but no midi
      • Add +$30 for each instrument (or perceptible track) transcribed or engraved for every 1-minute of music if niether notation files are MIDI are unavailable

    Writing / Copy for Articles & Concert Scripts

    • $0.50 per word
    • Copyright not transferrable
    • Or $1 per word as a "work for hire" to retain all copyright benefits
    • Pay on completion

    Editing either Audio, Notation or Text

    • Fee is based per project for either notation, text, production elements and tools or multimedia
    • ~$50 per hour
    • Billed in 30 minute increments
    • Pay on completion

    Virtual or In-Person Consulting / Producing / Conducting / Mentoring / Lessons

    • $100 per hour or $500/day, whichever is less
    • All non-local expenses including travel and per diem are additional
    • Any necessary printing costs are additional
    • Billed in 30 minute increments
    • 50% deposit


    • Negotiated per event but not be less than $300 per day
    • Travel and lodging additional